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Treat the Cause!

Our Western medical approach to problems is to treat the symptom. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If something is wrong, we want to fix it! The problem is that if you don’t look further to find out what the cause … Continue reading

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Life happens – we all know that! The big question is this: What is our response? Did you know that your response may determine whether or not you get cancer? If something bad happens, like a death in the family, … Continue reading

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Out of Control!

The winter holidays are here, do you feel out of control some of the time? It’s normal to be hit with emotional triggers right now – the question is: What do you do with those triggers? One of the best … Continue reading

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If cancer is an inflammatory disease, then it makes sense to eat highly anti-inflammatory foods to combat the inflammation, right? There are some sneaky ways to add anti-inflammatory foods to your diet! That’s the good news. The bad news is … Continue reading

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