How To Do Meridian Tapping

Please note that use of this page is at your own discretion!

This page is provided for people who have had an introduction to tapping and need a reminder. If you have not had an introduction to tapping, please check out the “how to” videos on and then come back here!

  1. What is the issue – be very, very specific. Write down enough that you can remember what the issue is, and give it a number 0-10, 0=no problem.

  2. Set up statement: “Even though I have this issue/problem/challenge, I totally love and accept myself.” Say this statement three times while tapping on the side of the hand. The setup statement is the “truth” as you see it right this minute.

  3. Using the key word of the issue from your setup statement, or just the whole statement, tap the points with the fingers of either or both hands, using this sequence:

    1. Eyebrow (between the eyebrows)

    2. Side of eye (on the bone between the side corner of the eye and the temple)

    3. Under eye (on the bone under the center of the eye)

    4. Under nose (mustache area)

    5. Chin crease

    6. Upper chest (soft spot under collarbone)

    7. Under arms (about 4″ down from armpit crease)

    8. Inside wrists (where you would take a pulse)

    9.  Inside knees (in-between the knees on the lower thigh)
    10. Top of head (a tiny crown)

  1. When you think about your issue now, what is your number? If it has gone down to 0-1, you are complete with this aspect of the issue. If it has gone down some, then keep tapping with these changes: “Even though I still have some of this issue, I totally love and accept myself” key word: “Remaining issue” – If the number has gone up, this is a good sign, even though it feels uncomfortable. Keep paying attention to what the issue is, and keep tapping like mad. The issue may well change, just follow it. If you feel too uncomfortable to deal with this alone, call Stina or another tapping professional for help.

  2. If you panic just thinking about dealing with a particular issue, do not attempt to deal with it by yourself, call for an appointment!

  3. Try it on anything! (and, please be responsible for yourself!)

Here are some questions to help you: What is the issue you want to focus on right now?

List all your negative feelings about it. What are the negative things you tell yourself about this issue?

When did this issue start & how long has it been going on?

When did you first feel the same kind of feelings you listed already, from a much earlier time in you past?

What limiting beliefs or decision(s) did you make as a result of the event(s) you just described ?

Who, (if anyone) in your family (include primary care takers) modeled similar attitudes or feelings while you were growing up?

Who do you secretly blame or hold accountable?

Where and how do you feel this issue in your body?

What are your hidden gains to having this issue? (In other words what is the “pay off” for having this issue as it is? For example, does the issue protect you somehow from something? Another way to ask this is: What do you get out of having to be, do, feel, or have, by having this issue as it is?)

Who would you be without this issue?

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