Stina says:” I don’t guarantee particular results. What I do guarantee is that I will work to the best of my ability to find things that will help you. I know a lot, and I am always learning more. I love helping people feel better.”
Here are some stories of the work she has done.

1- After M. had a hysterectomy for uterine cancer, Stina suggested an anti-inflammatory diet so the cancer would not come back again. At the 6 months check-up with the oncologist, his comment was, keep doing what you’re doing, you look great. Stina’s question to M. was, can you keep doing this? M’s response was, why would I not? It’s so easy!

2 – After two sessions with Stina, L. said she had changed his life, he was no longer addicted to sugar. He had quit smoking cold turkey, and had shifted the addiction from nicotine to sugar. After the first session of MTT, his job stress reaction dropped enormously, and then by the end of the second session, the sugar addiction was gone.

3 – E tells her friends, when you’re ready for a real change, go to Stina. Her friends wanted to know how much exercise she was doing to change her figure that much, and how much weight had she lost anyway? E said that she didn’t know, this was not about weight loss, it was about getting healthy. She was stunned that so much of what she had thought was “good” was not helping her at all. When she changed her diet and simply walked 3x a week, she saw the results, but more important, she felt them. She started losing the inflammation that is formed at a cellular level when you eat the wrong food – she even dropped a shoe size! She has kept the weight off.

4 – K came back to Stina after a year with these words: Every tool you have taught me works, and it has made such a difference. Thank you!

5 – When I told my doctor about the diet you gave me, he was, to say the least, very skeptical.  Thursday I took the test again to determine if I had Gastroentrititis.  The Doctor called me that night and told me the test showed that my stomach was normal.  He said that I should keep on with whatever I was doing because it was obviously working.  No surprise but I thought you should know about it.  I still get a giggle at how amazed he was.  Thank you again for making time for me.  I haven’t felt this good in over a year.

6- “Stina offers tools and practices I can easily integrate into my daily life and work, which leave me feeling more grounded, clear and present in my relationship with myself and others.  I deeply appreciate how her guidance focuses on embodied direct experience vs. ‘just talking about things’.  Stina’s combination of beautiful empathy and intuition along with very practical tools are a rare gem.”  H.S.

7- Hi Stina: just wanted to thank you for the great session of tapping. It is very helpful to me and I am using it for falling asleep! Very helpful. Also wanted to say that I have spread the word to several friends and family who are using it on a daily basis. Thanks again for your help.  J.S.

8 – I love tapping! I have tapped on being late, afraid of a meeting, my brother and sister-in-law coming for the weekend, heartburn (nerves) … this really works and I do tap on just about everything!  M.C.

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