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Stina Pope has been doing healing work for over 30 years. She has a masters degree in holistic health and nutrition from John F. Kennedy University. Her commitment is to find things that work for you. This means she will listen to what is going on with you and suggest particular tools to try out. If they don’t work, she will search for something that will, or help you find someone else that will. Her concern is your physical, emotional and spiritual health. She always wants to make sure that things work. A new dietary regime is no good if you can’t stand any of the food on it, or if you can’t stay on it longer than two days. She loves to answer questions, and is not afraid to say she does not have an answer, yet.

Stina is totally psyched about EFT Tapping. As she frequently says, it looks weird, it sounds weird, it feels weird, and IT WORKS! Since efficiency ranks right up there with workability in Stina’s book, EFT gets very high marks. It is easy to learn, and she has been teaching it to her clients for about 9 years now with great success.

The general approach used by Stina and the people she calls in to help comes from functional medicine. This is a salutogenic approach, which means that the focus is on what is working and maximizing that, and from that positive place, looking at what is not working well to change it. This is the opposite of standard western medicine, which takes a pathogenic approach, looking at what piece of you is wrong and trying to fix it. Functional medicine is concerned with catching issues early, and treating them from a holistic standpoint. Nutrition is important, and so is movement, and so is your emotional health, and so is your spiritual health. It is all tied together.

Stina also has an MDiv and is an Episcopal priest. She has studied many religions and spiritual paths in an effort to have many resources to offer her clients. It is out of this context that she started studying healing work.

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